Anonymous: I was wondering about astral projection. Like how it's done, how far you can go after projecting, if it's possible to go too far. Any information anyone has would be helpful and greatly appreciated. :) Thanks :)
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Anonymous: Hello! I'm sure you've gotten this question many times and it gets very old, but I plan on using a ouija board soon. I want to take proper precautions before doing so. Can you comment on their validity or whether or not it's a wise idea to use one? Thank you! (:



Hello Anon! Apologies for taking so long to reply- I didn’t see this right away. I do see this question often, but am always happy to offer my opinion and insight on the topic. But, they are simply that: my opinion and insight, so take them with a grain of salt.

To directly answer your questions: in my personal experience, they can be very useful and accurate tools, yes. And as far as whether or not it’s “wise” to use one, I try to discourage random people from “playing around” with them, for laughs, but see no real issue in someone who is thoughtful, respectful, and careful choosing to take the necessary precautions and using it. Though something truly “bad” or harmful happening as a result of using such a tool is extremely rare, it is a possibility, so always keep it in mind.

At the end of the day, any ouija/spirit board is simply a tool, the same way a pressurized nail gun is a tool for a professional roofer. Either one, in the wrong hands or used without the proper precautions and respect, can be harmful. Spirit boards, alone, are nothing more (generally) than paper, wood or cardboard, and ink. It’s the energy and intention with which they are used that makes them a useful, or potentially dangerous, tool. But they are as safe or as dangerous as most other methods of divination: pendulums, runes, tarot, etc. All require the aid of other energy/entities for answers and information, so you’re inviting in, trusting, and working with the other side.

Anyone who cares enough about the safety and respect of using a ouija/spirit board should be ok. Just take the time to do the research into creating a safe space in which to do the work, and know how to quickly (and correctly) close or end the session, should the need arise. And be sure to cleanse the space and dismiss the spirits/entities when you’re finished, even if nothing “negative” seems to occur. I always make a point to thank (or otherwise show gratitude) to the spirits/entities who come through, too, because it’s an effort on their part to communicate with us. And it may help you develop working relationships for later sessions. (Especially helpful if you get a spirit/entity who is clear, accurate, cooperative, etc.)

Just always remember that some spirits and entities lie, so don’t offer up information that they can simply say yes or no to (“Is this Grandma?” or “Are we communicating with John Smith?”). Ask them to identify themselves by name, and continue asking questions to verify their identity until you feel certain. But I do recommend always keeping a dose of skepticism, to be safe.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me another ask. All asks are replied to privately if you send it off anon. Anons have to be published to reply, or else I’d reply to them privately, too! I hope this information is helpful for you, and good luck!


Also, it’s my understanding that entities you link up with on the Ouija can access your thoughts. The board seems to work by entities making suggestions to your subconscious. So, if you think about a name repeatedly or something to that affect, they can steal that information and use it to their advantage if it suits them. Best of luck to you, it’s a wonderful divination tool.